Our Company

Coyne Scientific (“CoyneSci”) is a biotech services company seeking to make a major difference in worldwide health by helping pharmaceutical companies better understand the potential safety and toxicity of pharmaceutical drugs across the wide range of human genetic diversity. To do so, we conduct in vitro toxicity assays using human induced pluripotent stem cells (and functional cells derived therefrom) created from large cohorts of donors (not just from one or two donors) to estimate the range and distribution of responses to a given drug across a target population and thereby predict the results of future clinical trials.

CoyneSci’s population-level analysis based on large cohorts of donors is significantly more useful than typical current analysis based on one or two donors. Specifically, the greater insight achievable with a population-level analysis enables pharmaceutical companies to more accurately determine whether to curtail work early in the drug development process – even prior to animal studies – on candidate compounds that will likely fail in future clinical trials, while preventing the premature shelving of truly safe compounds that might have been erroneously identified as high-risk compounds in preliminary in vitro testing.

CoyneSci, its executives, and its scientists are sponsors and/or members of the Safety Pharmacology Society and the Society of Toxicology. The company serves clients out of its highly-automated 6,500 sq. ft. lab and office facility located in Atlanta, GA.