ATLANTA – February 15, 2018
Coyne Scientific, LLC (Atlanta, GA) announced today that it will unveil the world’s first commercially-available “Clinical Trials In A Dish” at the Society of Toxicology’s 2018 Annual Meeting, which runs from March 11-15 in San Antonio, TX.

What does the company mean by “Clinical Trials In A Dish”? According to Chief Scientific Officer Bernard Fermini, PhD, “It means that Coyne Scientific conducts hiPSC-derived cardiomyocyte-based assays using representative cohorts of human donors to assess the cardiac safety and toxicity of drugs across a target population, in order to detect the presence and incidence of drug-responders prior to actual clinical trials. Our unique platform challenges the current rules of drug development by introducing ‘clinical’ methodologies to the ‘preclinical’ environment – which can help reduce attrition while allowing safe drugs to proceed and succeed in clinical development”.

After five years of research and extensive proof-of-concept testing, Coyne Scientific has recently opened a new, automated, 6,500 sq, ft. lab and office facility and completed a blinded research study with Merck that clearly demonstrated the ability of its platform to generate valuable insights that current preclinical testing approaches don’t deliver.

Anyone seeking to learn more about the services of Coyne Scientific is invited to join its three key executives — CSO Bernard Fermini, CEO Kevin Coyne, and President Shawn Coyne — for lunch on Monday, March 12 at 12:00pm in Convention Center Room 217C, for an Exhibitor-Hosted Session titled, “Leveraging Genetic Diversity to Reduce Clinical Attrition: A Novel Approach to In Vitro Safety and Toxicity Testing”.

In addition, conference attendees are invited to learn more about Coyne Scientific by:
o Visiting Booth #661 at any time during ToxExpo hours.
o Viewing Poster #P679, titled “Inter-Individual Differences in Electrophysiology, Pharmacology, and Drug Responses in a Cohort of hiPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes: Endorsing Clinical-Trials-in-a-Dish”, and Poster #P682, titled, “Leveraging Genetic Diversity In Vitro: A New Approach in Cardiac Safety Assessment”, at any time during ToxExpo hours.

For more information, please contact Shawn Coyne at scoyne@coynesci.com.

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Coyne Scientific is a biotech services company that conducts in vitro safety and toxicity testing on pharmaceutical compounds. We use human stem cell-based models to demonstrate the range and distribution of toxicity reactions to compounds across a population as a result of that population’s genetic diversity. We can help clients dramatically reduce drug development costs through early identification of compounds that may negatively affect a portion of clinical trial participants despite appearing to be safe to the “average” human. We can also help improve the safety of drugs in cases where large clinical trials are infeasible, such as in the development of compassionate use drugs or orphan drugs, or in the entry of drugs into small national markets with genetically-distinct populations.

For more information, please contact Shawn T. Coyne, President, at scoyne@coynesci.com.

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